Event Schedule

1st DAY

Section I: Customer Excellence

Section II: Segmenting the market

Section III: Technology Advancement, e-Capabilities & Social Media

Section IV: Multi-channel Strategy & Digital Marketing

Section V: Commercial Capabilities Essentials and Key Account Management

Section: VI Managing Change – Change Management

2nd DAY

Section: VII Commercial Excellence

Section: VIII Inspiration Session

Section: IX Marketing and Sales Operations

Section: X Role of Organizational effectiveness, Learning and Development

Section: XI Future of SF Excellence, New models

Section: XII Providing a holistic brand experience - Connecting CRM, SFA and Digital


About Event

GCE Event Overview:

GCE summitis targeted for professionals  from acorss the industries who are always seeking for new opportunities, visionary ways of conducting performance. The focus will be both on key topline items that will help generate sales and  the cost infrastructure with a view  to increase profitability. And most importantly bridging a gap between emerging markets and mature markets. The speakers will be presenting real life examples in this context in addition to frameworks presented by external agencies. Various plenary sessions will be held in parellel to ensure that time is used effectively to manage different needs of the audience.

Frequently asked questions

1. Who should attend OECT conference?

You should attend this annual opportunity if you are:

Chiefs, Directors, Heads, Senior Manager, Leaders and Executives from:

  • Sales Force,
  • Commercial Effectiveness,
  • Customer Excellence/Experience,
  • CRM, KAM,
  • Commercialization,
  • Market Access,
  • Brand & Product,
  • Business Planning/Intelligence/Support,
  • Business Unit,
  • Marketing Sales Operations,
  • Sales and Marketing,
  • Marketing/ Marketing Intelligence,
  • eMarketing & Digital Marketing,
  • Business Analyst,
  • Training and Development,
  • Business Development,
  • Multichannel
  • Communication
2. Where will the OECT Conference take place?
3. How do I register for the event?
4. What would be the conference layout?
5. My company/organization is interested in exhibiting at the OECT conference and/or sponsoring the conference. Who should I contact?

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    • 1. BASIC

        • Entry to conference
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        • Business Lunch
        • Tea and snacks
        • Cocktail Reception
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      • Entry to conference
      • One complimentary pass
      • Business Lunch
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      • Entry to conference
      • Accommodation at venue
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Overall Participants


Case Studies


Companies Enrolled


Agathe Acchiardo

Agathe Acchiardo

Client Engagement Director, Foresight Factory Read More
Andrew Wilkins

Andrew Wilkins

CEO, BE Advisory Read More
Barry Edney

Barry Edney

Partner, Integrated Commercial Excellence Read More
Branislav Rovny

Branislav Rovny

Vice President Commercial Operations, Vodafone Read More
Carlo Giugovaz

Carlo Giugovaz

Former Head CEE Multichannel Banking, UniCredit Bank Read More
Deep Bhandari

Deep Bhandari

Executive Coach & Advisor, UCB Read More
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