Event Schedule

1st DAY

Section I: Innovation and Technology Advances
Section II: Identifying Challenges and managing risk
Section III: Study Feasibility, Site Management & Patient Enrolment
Section IV: Regulatory/ Government Support and Strategy
Section V: Clinical Research Strategy
Section VI: Patient Centricity and Advocacy

2nd DAY

Section VII: Patient Recruitment and Retention
Section VIII: Social Medial in Patient Recruitment
Section IX: Patient Recruitment Online Tools
Section X: Digital Strategies within the Patient Recruitment Retention
Section XI: Overcoming Clinical Trial Marketing Challenges
Section XII: A success story – Paediatrics Trials
Hotel Palace Berlin
Hotel Palace Berlin
Hotel Palace Berlin
Hotel Palace Berlin

About Event

OECT Summit - Study Feasibility & Patient Recruitment Retention

Event Overview

Study Feasibility and Patient recruitment&retention offer major challenges to the clinical researcher with potential for significant impact on timelines, budgets, and ultimately the scientific integrity of thetrial itself. Many factors affect the recruitment of patients and difficulty in finding suitable patients is driving the development of many innovative methods for accessing new patient groups. How the ‘Big Data’ can have a significant impact in clinical trials. The rise of social media means that new technologies and changing strategies for communication can be used to great effect to reach out to patients directly. Additionally outreach through patient advocate groups, social service agencies are becoming more important to communicate with patients viable for trial participation as well as for those already enrolled in clinical trials. How to maximise the benefit of this approach and ensure our regulatory obligations are appropriately met will be the subject of several sessions during the summit.
There will be sessions during the summit looking at getting feasibility right, performing risk assessment in a constructive way and considering the impact of on-site monitoring on patient recruitment and retention rates.

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Jo Burmester

Jo Burmester

Head of Global Operations, PharmaSchool / Editor, The Journal of Clinical Research & GCP Read More
Kai Langel

Kai Langel

Co-Founder & Director, Patient Solutions, eClinicalHealth Read More
Ulrike Maria Grimm

Ulrike Maria Grimm

VP Global Head Clinical Operations Vifor Pharma Read More
Magdalena Brach

Magdalena Brach

Senior Project Manager Premier Research Group Read More
Yamin Khan

Yamin Khan

Executive VP Clinical Development Pharma Olam Read More
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