Global Commercial Effectiveness Summit - Commercial Effectiveness and Sales & Marketing Excellence

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
7th & 8th June 2017

Event Schedule

1st DAY - At Glance


- Digital Transformation

- eDetailing

- Transforming data into intelligence

- Digital trends that will totally change our life in 10 years 

Section I

Multi-channel Strategy & Latest Trends in SFE 

Section II

Evolution in KOL’s & Market Access 

Section III

Key Account Management & CRM 

Section IV

Customer Excellence and Beyond

2nd DAY - At Glance


- Innovative Contracting 

Section I

Commercial Capabilities 

Section IV

Commercial Excellence 

Section V

Core of Sales Force Effectiveness 

Section VI

Change Management

Hotel NH Amsterdam Zuid
Hotel NH Amsterdam Zuid
Hotel NH Amsterdam Zuid
Hotel NH Amsterdam Zuid

About Event

GCE Summit – Commercial Effectiveness and Sales & Marketing Excellence
Event Overview
GCE Summit is targeted for professionals who are always seeking for new opportunities, visionary waysof conducting performance. Our aim is to achieve a heightened understanding of the commercial effectiveness driversabove and beyond the current practice and ways of working. Local companies are moving into the direction of buildingequity and starting towork with structured approaches in an environment where the multinational companies arelookingto create agility by developing innovative local models. It will be interesting to see how the two models will merge tocreate the new future. Today’s commercial professionals and marketeers has to be amazing to succeed and they have to be: Marketing intelligent -knowing the best ways of getting insights to developing customer journeys; understanding future trends and thecompetitive environment; define differentiating and truly impactful strategies. Financially intelligent - complex data sets, financial demands, sales, costs and Role of individual activists and channels. Communications experts - You need to be a genius at managing complex communication, with so many different channelsavailable to you, how do you offer your messages with the greatest impact, at the lowest cost and with the best impact forgreatest uplift of sales, fail at this and your management will not be happy. This meeting aims to address these aspects in an interactive forum with our experienced faculty and enable you to get thisperspective from an in market and Global/regional perspective.

Frequently asked questions

1. Who should attend GCE Summit?
You should attend this annual opportunity if you are:

Chiefs, Directors, Heads, Senior Manager, Leaders and Executives from:

  • Sales Force,
  • Commercial Effectiveness,
  • Customer Excellence/Experience,
  • CRM, KAM,
  • Commercialization,
  • Market Access,
  • Brand & Product,
  • Business Planning/Intelligence/Support,
  • Business Unit,
  • Marketing Sales Operations,
  • Sales and Marketing,
  • Marketing/ Marketing Intelligence,
  • eMarketing & Digital Marketing,
  • Business Analyst,
  • Training and Development,
  • Business Development,
  • Multichannel
  • Communication
  • Retail Operations
2. Where will the GCE Conference take place?
3. How do I register for the event?
4. What would be the conference layout?
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        • Tea and snacks
        • Cocktail Reception
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Overall Participants


Case Studies


Companies Enrolled


Amelia Dinu

Amelia Dinu

Commercial Director, Medicover Read More
Anton Telegin

Anton Telegin

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Read More
Arnould Moyne

Arnould Moyne

Managing Director - Product & IT Business Unit, LinkFluence Read More
Branislav Rovny

Branislav Rovny

Vice President Commercial Operations, Vodafone Read More
Deep Bhandari

Deep Bhandari

Executive Coach & Advisor, UCB Read More
Femke Adema

Femke Adema

Chief CommercialOfficer, ViCentra Read More
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