ICEM Summit 19th - 20th November 2018 Istanbul, Turkey

International Customer Experience Management Summit

Istanbul, Turkey

19th& 20th November 2018

Event Schedule

1st Day: (19/11/2018)

  • Customer Experience: Future, challenges, tools, analytics & solutions
  • Leading Transformation in the Digital age Leadership
  • Digitalization
  • Enabling CX as a strategic proposition among competitive priorities in your bank
  • Omni Channel Stategy for Customer Service
  • Changing Generations of Customer Experience
  • Improving & Innovating your Customer Journey Mapping Design and Techniques
  • Customer Service is not a department, its a attitude
  • Closing the NPS loop, dealing with unhappy customers
  • Insight on selecting & implenting technology solutions to deliver on Customer Experience

2nd Day: (20/11/2018)

  • Customer Analytics: : How do you build a Customer Experience with the Data that you Have?
  • Commercial excellence via Customer Centricity
  • Advanced Automation and Customer Journeys You Can Implement For Your Clients
  • Employee Engagement: Gamification, Promoting Dialogue, Building Customer-Centric Culture
  • The Ideal Customer Experience & Organizational Culture.
  • How Social Media is putting Customers in Control of Your Customer Service
  • Customer Life Cycle Management
  • Loyalty Programs

About Event

ICEM Summit (International Customer Experience Management)

ICEM event overview

The world is changing at an ever faster pace. New technologies, new fast moving competitors and increasing customer expectations are all putting huge strains on organizations and the sustainability of old business models. The importance of cultivating and sustaining trusted customer relationships that deliver mutual value has never been greater. This is a call to action to listen differently, think differently and act differently so our organizations can deliver valued experiences that truly make a difference to customers and in doing so open up the possibility for our companies to prosper. Join us to hear the latest insights and case studies from organizations that are at the leading edge of transforming the way they engage with their customers and deliver a compelling, differentiating customer experience.

Frequently asked questions

1. Who should attend ICEM Summit?

You should attend this annual opportunity if you are:

Chiefs, Directors, Heads, Leaders, Managers and Executives involves in:

  • Customer Experience Management,
  • Client relationship Development,
  • Customer Life Cycle Strategies,
  • CRM & Omni Channel Management,
  • Customer Care & Service Quality,
  • Study and Feasibility Management,
  • Retention & Loyalty Programs,
  • Customer Insight & Satisfaction,
  • Enterprises Feedback Management,
  • Channel & Multichannel Management,
  • Process Excellence,
  • Contact Centres,
  • Data Management,
  • Social Media & Brand Management,
  • Marketing & sales.
  • Employee engagement & workforce management.
  • Technology.
2. Where will the ICEM Summit take place?
3. How do I register for the event?
4. What would be the conference layout?
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