OECT Summit 7th - 8th March 2018 Berlin, Germany

Operational Excellence in Clinical Trials Summit

Study Feasibility & Patient Recruitment Retention

Berlin, Germany

07th & 08th March 2018

Event Schedule

7thMarchDay One – At Glance

Key Note Sessions

Study Feasibility
Site Management
Clinical Project Management – Communication between sites,CROs & Patients, Investigators, Clinical Trial Teams
Risk Based Monitoring & Centralized Monitoring
Collaborations & Partnershipswith Sites
Evaluating the Study budgets
Practical Tips for involvingPublic in Research Design &Oversight
KPIs - Speed, Cheap & Quantity
Clinical Trial Essentials - How to be more effective with Oversight & Governance
Third Party Vendor Oversight
Patient Recruitment and Retention
Partnerships & Collaborations-Cost, Efficiency & Service Quality
Effectiveness Questionnaire and Big Data Management
Outsourcing strategies
Adoption & Implementation of Artificial Intelligence Technology
Data Management

8thMarch DayTwo - At Glance

Key Note Sessions

Implementation of Business Models in Clinical Trials – Patient
Recruitment and Retention
Partnering on ''in-sourced trials'
Engagement of Investigators in Business Models or Clinical Trial protocols
Social Media in Patient Recruitment - Facebook, blogs, SMS & Advertisement through Online Communities
Challenges & Best Practices inClinical Development-Adapting into the new landscape
Forming Alliances & Partnerships
Advances of Mobile Health &Clinical Technology & What it means for Clinical Trials
Digital transformation of patient recruitment and clinical trial communications
Regulatory/Government Support and Strategy
Best Models for Site Operations
Latest trend in Clinical Trials and importance of technology in patient
Optimizing Patient Enrolment
Use of Social Networks toDevelop Clinical Projects

About Event

OECT event overview

OECT Summit is targeted for professionals who are always seeking for new opportunities,visionary waysof conducting performance. Study Feasibility and Patient recruitment & retention offer major challenges to the clinical researcher, clinicalproject managers with potential for significant impact on time lines, budgets, CRA talent rejuvenation, collaborations & partnerships andultimately the scientific integrity of the trial itself. Many factors affect the recruitment of patients and difficulty in finding suitable patients isdriving thedevelopment of many innovative methods for accessing new patient groups. How the ‘Big Data’ can have a significant impact inclinical trials. The artificial intelligence and rise of social media means that newtechnologies and changing strategies for communication canbe used to have feasibility right at first & great effect to reach out to patients directly. Additionally, outreach through patient advocate groups,social service agencies are becoming more important to communicate with patients viable for trial participation as well as for those alreadyenrolled in clinical trials. How to maximise the benefit of this approach and ensure our regulatory obligations are appropriately met will be thesubject of several sessions during the summit.

Frequently asked questions

1. Who should attend OECT Summit?

You should attend this annual opportunity if you are:

Chiefs, Directors, Associates Directors, Heads, Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Leaders, Consultants, Professors and Executives from:

  • Clinical Research, Clinical Trials, Development
  • Clinical Monitoring, Global Monitoring Operations
  • Clinical Operations Management, Medical Operations
  • Clinical Project Management, Clinical Program,
  • Study Manager, Study Delivery
  • Regulatoryand Compliance,
  • Clinical Training &Quality Assurance,
  • DataManagement
  • Clinical Oversight
  • Patient Recruitment,
  • Patient Officer, Patient Advocacy, PatientEngagement, Patient Communities,
  • eClinical,
  • Study Feasibility, Site Management, Site Activation
  • Medical Affairs
  • Medical Advisers, Medical Science Liaison,
  • Strategic-Clinical Marketing, Therapeutic Areas
  • Investigators, Physicians.
2. Where will the OECT Summit take place?
3. How do I register for the event?
4. What would be the conference layout?
5. My company/organization is interested in exhibiting at the OECT Summit and/or sponsoring the conference. Who should I contact?

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  • Business Lunch
  • Tea and snacks
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  • Business Lunch
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Overall Participants
Case Studies
Companies Enrolled


Jo Burmester

Jo Burmester

Head of Global Operations, PharmaSchool / Editor, The Journal of Clinical Research & GCP Read More
Lisa Hellström

Lisa Hellström

Clinical Study Manager, Lundbeck Read More
Pilar De La Rocha Mur

Pilar De La Rocha Mur

Head of Planing and Operational Excellence – TCO, Novartis Read More
Nancy Meyerson Hess

Nancy Meyerson Hess

Associate Partner, Admedicum Read More
Nadir Ammour

Nadir Ammour

Head of Patients and Partner Management, Sanofi Read More
Michaela Vančová

Michaela Vančová

Clinical Operations Director, Slovak Research Center Read More
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