OSCT Nigeria Summit 11th - 12th April 2018 Vienna, Austria

Operational Strategy For Clinical Trials in Nigeria Summit

Vienna, Austria

11th & 12th April 2018

Event Schedule

11th April Day One – At Glance

Key Note Presentation Sessions

  • Setting the scene on Africa's growth economy as a viable market for trials
  • What is the best operational strategy for clinical trials in Nigeria e.g. Disease Landscape
  • What is the best clinical trials study design model for Nigeria (Pragmatic, Early Phase, RWE)
  • How to encourage innovation from internal and external collaborations (i.e. digitalization, data, e-Clinical tools)
  • How to choose the right clinical trials site for your exact purpose (Govt hospital vs Private Clinic)
  • What can you learn from emergingmarkets on operationalizing clinicaltrials?
  • What is the capital investment forsetting up clinical trials sites?
  • Forming Alliances & Partnerships- Invitation to collaborate on clinical trials in Nigeria
  • Optimizing disease diagnosticsand data banks
  • Digital transformation of clinicaltrial
  • How to encourage innovation frominternal and external collaborations (i.e. digitalization, data, e-Clinicaltools)

12th April Day Two - At Glance

Interactive Panel Discussions

- EffectiveProtocol Monitoring of andManagement of Clinical Trials inNigeria
  • Data Quality
  • Site monitoring
  • Protocol Compliance
  • Patient Safety
- How cantrials in Nigeria impact on diversity ofglobal clinical trials?
  • Current populations participating inglobal trials
  • Regulatory shift in increasingdiversity in trials
  • Fostering collaborations with sites/sponsor/CRO to increase diversity
  • Social media and patientinvolvement (how patient groupssupport trials in Nigeria)
- Howto fund health sector researchcenters in Nigeria?
  • Strategic Public-Private Partnerships for sustainablerevenue streams
  • Grants and donations

About Event

OSCT event overview

Chair by Adama Ibrahim, Senior Manager Lead Clinical Operations Biogen Co-chair by Ahmed I Yakasai, President of the Nigerian Pharmaceutical Association

Operational Strategy for Clinical Trials in Nigeria Summit
is targeted for professionals who are always seeking for newopportunities,to lead the way in conducting world class clinical trials. The core objective of this summit is to bring the keystakeholders such as Senior Decision from Sponsor Companies and Nigerian Healthcare Providers to engage in knowledgesharing, exchange of ideas and benchmark on how to operationalize clinical trials in Nigeria. Many factors affect successfulimplementation of clinical trials and it is challenging to find the best clinical trials study design model for Nigeria.

Additionally, learning will focus on emerging markets' operational models, innovative methods of maximizing value in theclinical trials industry using digital technology and regulatory obligations.

Frequently asked questions

1. Who should attend OSCT Nigeria Summit?

You should attend this annual opportunity if you are:

Chiefs, Directors, Associates Directors, Heads, Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Leaders, Consultants, Professors and Executives from:

  • Clinical Research, Clinical Trials, Development
  • Clinical Monitoring, Global Monitoring Operations
  • Clinical Operations Management, Medical Operations
  • Clinical Project Management, Clinical Program,
  • Study Manager, Study Delivery
  • Regulatoryand Compliance,
  • Clinical Training &Quality Assurance,
  • DataManagement
  • Clinical Oversight
  • Patient Recruitment,
  • Patient Officer, Patient Advocacy, PatientEngagement, Patient Communities,
  • eClinical,
  • Study Feasibility, Site Management, Site Activation
  • Medical Affairs
  • Medical Advisers, Medical Science Liaison,
  • Strategic-Clinical Marketing, Therapeutic Areas
  • Investigators, Physicians.
2. Where will the OSCT Nigeria Summit take place?
3. How do I register for the event?
4. What would be the conference layout?
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  • Business Lunch
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  • Business Lunch
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  • Cocktail Reception
Overall Participants
Case Studies
Companies Enrolled


Ahmed I Yakasai

Ahmed I Yakasai

President of the Nigerian Pharmaceutical Association Read More
Adama Ibrahim

Adama Ibrahim

Senior Manager, Lead Clinical Operations Biogen Read More
Rasmus Hogreffe

Rasmus Hogreffe

Founder & Director of Business Development, Patiro - Patient Enrollment Services Read More
Nadir Ammour

Nadir Ammour

Head of Patients and Partner Management, Sanofi Read More
Nancy Meyerson Hess

Nancy Meyerson Hess

Associate Partner, Admedicum Read More
Dr. Ifeoma Okoye

Dr. Ifeoma Okoye

Chair, Nigerian Clinical Trial Technical NAFDAC Working Group Read More
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