A dedicated team of experts develop various courses for different industries including telecommunication, Banking, Pharmaceutical & Retail. All courses are very unique, because they are only taught by Industry Thought Leaders at your premises we personalize, tailor, and Customize according to your needs.

You can choose an In-House training program that meets your team’s needs – or we’ll help you design a custom program. You say when and where, and we’ll bring you a cutting-edge In-House training program. Contact us today to learn how our expert staff can help you save time and money while training your team in the comfort of your own facility.

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What makes these trainings so special?

KP Morgan is one of the few organisations that offer 100% tailoring across our product portfolio therefore every course we deliver for our clients has been specifically designed to meet their unique business needs. These courses are beneficial at all levels within the organisation.

We work across the globe with giant telecom, pharma and banking companies on more than 100 topics.

This is the time to invite us at your premises!!



Telecommunication      Banking      Retail      Pharmaceutical


  • Planning & Organizing
  • Leadership
  • Gamification
  • CX for beginners
  • Basic Customer Experience training for Contact Centre Experts
  • Advanced Customer Experience Management Training
  • Customer Centricity
  • Workforce Management
  • Employee Engagement
  • Training for Sales Force Effectiveness
  • Omni Channel Management
  • Effective habits for leaders

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Excellence through knowledge

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Telecommunications, Banking & Finance, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences, Sourcing, Information technologies

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